Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850




Yamaha SY99 AFM/AWM2 Synthesizer





Roland XV5080 Synthesizer with Boards







Korg NX5R Soundmodule

Korg Wavestation A/D Synthesizer

Roland D-110 LA Synthesizer

Yamaha TG500

Kurzweil K2000 V3

Roland JV2080 + JV880

Roland JD 990

Korg M3R



Yamaha TG33 Tone Generator Vector Monster




Midi Sequencer PC 

P3 500Mhz, 384MB SD-Ram, 30+60 Gig HDD Maxtor, Matrox Marvel G200


Yamaha O2R Mixer 

with TC Unity EFX+ATAT I/O and CD8-ADS Card


Sound Blaster Awe64 Gold




Alesis SR16 Drum Machine



Roland R8 + R8M Drum Machine with Cards



Alesis D4 Drum Machine