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Martin Iveson aka Atjazz

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Martin works for Core Design, he made his first music with the Amiga. When Core Design started to work for Sega in 1992, he composed his best soundtracks for Mega CD. After the 32 Bit version of  "Thunderhawk", it got silent around him. With Nathan McCree, who was responsable  for the CD version of  " Chuck Rock 2 " and the ingenious orchestral " Soulstar " compositons, he set the first parts of  the "Tomb Raider" series and finally " Ninja Shadow of the Darkness " into music.  For the 128 Bit version  of " Thunderhawk 3 " he did all his best and composed orchestral sounds as well as rock sound. As  "Atjazz" ,  he published some CDs which lead more in the Groove/Funk direction.


Best Gamesoundtracks

MegaCD:  Battlecorps, BC Racer, Chuck Rock, JaguarXJ220, Thunderhawk, Wolfchild, Wonderdog

Mega Drive: Chuck Rock, Skeleton Krew

Amiga:  Bubba n Stix, Chuck Rock 1/2, Jaguar XJ220, Thunderhawk, Wolfchild

PS1/PS2: Thunderhawk 2, Ninja Shadow of Darkness / Thunderhawk 3

Martins Studio: Mantis-Recordings



Matt Furniss


Matt was one of the few persons who were able to handle the Mega Drive soundchip professionally.  Among other things, he worked with Martin Iveson, made the soundtracks for  many Acclaim games or converted musics of  arcarde  games for Sega's Mega Drive. Next to this, he often composed completely new tracks. His sounds of  " Terminator 2 The Arcade Game " and " Mortal Kombat " were lightyears  better than the origins.


Best Gamesoundtracks

Mega Drive: 2nd Samurai, Alien3, G-Loc, James Bond, Mortal Kombat 1+2, Puggsy, Terminator1+2 
PSx: Fear Effect 1+2, G-Police(?) N64: Excite Bike
Amiga:  Laser Squad, Rambo, Toobin Matts Studio: offline



Christopher Stevens


Chris Stevens made many soundtracks for Sierra Games. His first pieces were the  PC versions on Midi basis. After that, he arranged  CD audio tracks for Sierra's branch Dynamix, who put them into reality. For the 1993 3DO/Sega versions of " Stellar 7 " he composed fantastic music! The threatening rock science fiction tracks, played with  Roland synthesizers and electronic guitars, are so far unreached and belong to my favourites. In 1996 , some of these tracks were used again in " Earthsiege 2 ".


Best Gamesoundtracks

MegaCD: Rise Of The Dragon, Stellar 7 (3DO), Stellar Fire, Willy Beamish
PC: Nova 9, Rise Of The Dragon, Stellar 7, Willy Beamish

Chris Studio: Fabmusic



Spencer Nilsen


Spencer Nilsen came to SegaUSA in 1992, in order to work in the new multi media studio, which was founded for future productions of the Mega Drive CD-Rom. His " Batman Returns " soundtrack sounded nearly better than the original version and the ingenious driving scenes in 3D were even more thrilling and dramatic! Following Sega tracks were nearly always mixed  with Q-Sound, which was especially good for the fantastic new age sounds of  " Ecco Dolphin ". For the american " Sonic CD " version, he wrote a completely new  rock soundtrack within only 2 weeks!  He composed some wonderful tracks for the quite average " Spiderman " CD version too. It was Eric Martin, who sang the  main soundtrack " Swingtime". He also worked with Richard Jaques at "Daytona  USA Deluxe"  in 1996. Spencer's last published tracks were the  FMV scenes of " Batman & Robin ", which came out as one of his last MegaCD games in 1995. The In-Game music, which was also quite good, was made by Burke Trieschmann. After that, you did not here anything of  Spencer Nilsen again. Probalbly he works as producer or  he turned back to the tv area.


Best Gamesoundtracks

MegaCD: Batman Returns, Ecco The Dolphin, Jurassic Park, Joe Montana NFL, SonicCD (us), Spiderman